Love on Local at PopUp [Holiday] Shop


 The economic crunch has affected us all, from consumers to producers.

Prices continue to rise, especially during the latter half of the year, with decreases only in sight for early next year.

Now, more than ever, consumers are tracking every cent. Not just as it leaves their wallets, but also, where it ends up.

By buying locally produced goods from small, independent businesses, it is easier to see how your money is making a difference in the economy. The more support a small business has, the more it is able to grow by hiring more staff, producing more products and catering to more consumer needs. There is a greater commercial transparency found in supporting local brands.

Inside PopUp [Holiday] Shop PopUp [Holiday] Shop


The people behind the brands are consumers too. They have recognised the need to populate the retail space with greater quality goods that last longer and that are more affordable in the long run, as they don’t have to be replaced as often.

South Africa has a strong creative industry and an entire nation of small to medium businesses, who often specialise in certain styles, niches or product types, which means that there is truly something for everyone.

These businesses are also, increasingly, adopting ethical practices and eco-friendly methods within their work environment and production processes, making their way towards creating a sustainable industry.

Why not engage in conscious value-buying by supporting local brands who are producing high-calibre goods, with sustainability in mind, and get exactly what you’re paying for.

Here at the PopUp [CONCEPT] Shop, we are always happy to share the stories behind the brands we stock, so that you know who you’re buying from and where your cash is going.

To hear these stories and find something that will stand the test of time, visit the PopUp [HOLIDAY] Shop at Canal Walk Shopping Centre, open December 2022 – February 2023. Find us on the Upper Level, in Shop 513, between Crocs and Timberland.