Boutique Brand Appreciation at the PopUp [Concept] Shop

PopUp [Concept] Shop offers a curated selection of fashion, skincare, homeware and gifting by local, independent brands.


We bring you stunning fashion, dazzling homeware, the freshest skincare and the most exquisite gifting items.

At the PopUp [Concept] Shop, we truly believe in supporting local businesses. When we display a brand in-store, it means that we believe in the value they have to offer, not just in the form of a high-quality product, but also in the many ways they in turn support their communities. 

The brands we display in store craft their products with the utmost care, making each piece by hand.

They strive to provide exceptional products made through environmentally sustainable production processes, using local labour, in ethical workplaces. 

PCS [Holiday] byCARA Cyanotype Ozbob
Sunglasses by Ozbob, a Cyanotype kit by Cyanotype and jewellery by byCARA

Many of these business also support local social and eco-friendly initiatives. 

This means that not only is the money you spend on the end product going back into the local economy, through the use of domestic producers and manufacturers, it is also going towards the community through the implementation of skills programs, environmental pledges and more. 

The value these brands provide goes much deeper than the beautifully made product you buy at PopUp [Concept] Shop. 

Visit our delightful little shop of treasures and discover all the fresh, new brands and stunning items we have for you.

We have just the thing you’re looking for.

PopUp [Holiday] Shop Storefront
PopUp [Holiday] Shop, Canal Walk, Shop 513, Between Timberland and Crocs SA